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iQ40 is a Digital Marketing Agency. With over 25+ years of combined digital marketing experience we are a proven leader in the field.
What We Do.
Digital Marketing Services

With so many different digital marketing channels, placements, platforms and networks advertisers often do not know where to begin. iQ40 will create a custom campaign made specifically for your brand with one goal in mind, drive mesurable performance. Advertisers will see a return on every dollar spent.

This ensures no money is wasted and that your brand or product is in the best positon for success.

Social Media Marketing

There are very few digital marketing campaigns that do not include Facebook or Instagram in one form or another. Both platforms are conducive to creative that requires storytelling and products that promote user engagement.

iQ40 has a proven track record of expertise in performance based Facebook media buying. Spending over $50k daily over the past 5 years iQ40 has compiled data on every target demographic imaginable. All of the spend is focused on ROI for the advertiser. The goal is to ensure every dollar is spent properly.


iQ40 is widely considered to be one of the top SEO companies. As a content driven company iQ40 is constantly creating fresh content. From video ads to sponsored articles all angles are covered. Content is king and it is the most important factor in SEO.

iQ40 has helped hundreds of advertisers improve their organic search ranking on Google & Bing. This expertise combined with years of data has allowed iQ40 to create the blueprint for success in SEO.

Display Advertising

RTB, SSP, DMP, Ad exchanges. These are buzzwords that many advertisers hear when it comes to dislay advertising. Most advertisers are confused and do not know where to start. iQ40 makes it simple by removing all of the confusion and focusing on the bet display placements for your brand or product.

Display advertising is a space where many advertisers waste spend. iQ40 eliminates this risk by working with advertisers on a performance basis. This way they only pay when a sale, lead or install is made.

$50M+ that is the amount of digital display media the team at iQ40 has purchased over the years.

Pre-Roll Video

For many years Youtube was a place where advertisers could not play do to high CPM's. In recent years the explosion in content has grown the supply and made targeted video readily available for all advertisers.

Youtube provides the “TV experience” to a more targeted audience. It features a CPA optimization tool that ensures budget is focused on ROI. iQ40 has years of data on proven interest targets for advertisers in multiple demographics on Youtube.

iQ40 offers all of these digital marketing services plus so much more! Contact us today to see why iQ40 is widely considered to be one of the top digital marketing companies.

Native Advertising

Native advertising provides significant awareness & engagement at a low cost. It is also the perfect platform to test different messaging to see which concept drives the most engagement.This platform is a must have for new product launches because of the message testing. It also, builds a large retargeting pool and is ideal for top of funnel awareness.

iQ40 will include all of the sponsored content for free. The only thing the advertiser needs to pay for is the media cost.

Influencer Marketing

In today's fragmented media landscape it is important to give brands a personal voice with someone the consumer relates to. Whether it be a public figure they follow or a content platform they engage with influencers provide valuable awareness for new products.

iQ40 has a proven network of high impact influencers who work specifically with direct response marketers. They create content for free which the client is able to leverage and own.

Give your brand or product a voice using iQ40 network of high impact influencers.